Volume 1 Issue 2

Article No. Title and Authors
C0102102 A Novel Approach to Find Circular Object from various shaped objects in an Image
( 284 times)
Tejpal Sharma, Manvinder Sharma, Jagbir Singh, Joginder Singh
C0102103 Survey on E-Healthcare in Internet of Things (IOT)
( 277 times)
Supriya Srivastava, Harmandeep Kaur
C0102104 Analysing Opinions of People for Different Products
( 305 times)
Heena Girdher, Anshul Garg
C0102106 Moving from databases to Cloud Database: Futuristic Trends
( 337 times)
Gurpreet Singh, Shivangi, Sumit Kumar, Sunil Chawla
C0102107 Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols Using GA and HSA
( 280 times)
Chanpreet Kaur, Tejinder Kaur, Rachna Manchanda
C0102108 Securing Wireless LAN by Boosting Intrusion Detection Techniques
( 287 times)
Rupinder Singh
C0102111 Immobilization of Alpha Amylase Using Dual Matrix Entrapment: Method for Commercial Usability
( 308 times)
Palki Sahib Kaur, Arpit Sharma, Sonica Sondhi, Sheetal Bansal, Alka Thakur, M.Arockia Babu,
C0102112 Impact of Social Network Analysis On E-Learning
( 292 times)
Anshul Garg, Heena Girdhar
C0102116 Probiotics: A Friend with Benefits
( 1374 times)
Nitin Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Bapin Kumar Panda, Nidhi Gupta
C0102117 Performance Optimization of IOT Networks Using Frequency Hopping
( 265 times)
Dr. Parminder Singh, Amanpreet Kaur, Mandeep Singh Devgan, Harpreet Kaur Toor